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May 31, 2016

Jason Connell is a speaker, former magician, and a writer on personal development. Jason discusses with Roger and Connor on today's show about successfully moving through life transitions and accepting the new challenges that come from taking action. Jason also talks on the subject of manhood and some of the key things our everyday modern man struggles with in a society littered with social media.


Key Takeaways:

[1:35] What was Jason's defining moment as a man?

[4:00] It's hard to follow/discover a path you were meant to follow. Many people wake up to a 9-5 job they hate.

[5:40] Millennials are feeling much more disconnected with others.

[7:40] Jason talks about his career as a magician.

[9:25] You don't have to follow the same path for the rest of your life.

[10:40] Men suffer from the 'lack of money' barrier.

[12:15] Jason is slowly winding down on his 8-year company, Ignited Leadership.

[15:20] We're prone to stick with what we know – even if it makes us unhappy.

[17:20] Your own brain is often not enough. You need to take action.

[20:00] Transition is hard. So give yourself some slack.

[21:25] What does a strong support system look like to Jason?

[23:00] One piece of advice to modern men? Stop being so strong and break down.

[25:15] What kind of things do Millennials struggle with?

[28:35] Keep in mind you can fail and it's no big deal.

[31:00] Want to change but not sure how? Get a coach or a psychologist.

[35:00] When you're more authentic with yourself, you become more attractive to women.

[37:25] Sex, money, or status does not validate your manhood.

[38:30] What kind of legacy would Jason like to leave behind?


Mentioned in This Episode:

The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell


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May 24, 2016

Frank Warren is the founder of, where he publishes some of the secrets strangers have mailed to him on postcards. Frank has received over 500,000 postcards since November 2004. Some of these postcards are funny, shocking, littered with confessions, sexual desires, and more. Frank discusses why such a novel idea has turned viral and why people need a confessional outlet on today's show.


Key Takeaways:

[2:25] What was Frank's defining moment as a man?

[4:15] How did PostSecret get started?

[7:45] Frank has given his real home address for people to send postcards to.

[8:10] What is the magic that happens when someone reveals a secret to Frank?

[10:50] What men decide to reveal and conceal defines them every day.

[11:45] Frank reads some anonymous secrets.

[15:45] Despite so much technology that helps us to connect, there's still a lot of loneliness and isolation.

[16:05] Are we posting too much on social media?

[19:00] Frank used to work on a suicide prevention hotline. How does he deal with all the heaviness?

[21:25] Roger used to live at a fraternity house where he couldn't show his true emotional struggles.

[26:25] Did you know you could mail potatoes if it has an address on it?

[26:40] Frank talks of his least favorite/most haunting postcards.

[29:15] What's next for Frank?


Mentioned in This Episode:

Frank on TED


Mail Frank:

13345 Copper Ridge Rd

Germantown, Maryland, 20874


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May 17, 2016

Chris Guillebeau is the New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and other books. On today's show, Chris discuses how you can find your dream job and do work you were meant to do. You can learn more by listening to this podcast and by checking out Chris's book on the subject entitled, Born for This. At the end of the show, Roger mentions that if you're feeling alone in your journey, don't be! Chris has a huge community of people searching for their dream as well, so feel free to visit Chris's website to find out more.


Key Takeaways:

[0:45] ManTalks has officially launched in Toronto and LA!

[3:00] Please keep spreading the word about ManTalks.

[5:10] What was Chris's defining moment as a man?

[7:10] Why did Chris write The $100 Startup and Born for This?

[8:45] Are you dissatisfied with the traditional path? Then Chris's book is for you.

[9:55] How can you hack the job of your dreams?

[10:25] If you're working for a company, you should think about yourself as leasing your talents to that organization. 

[11:15] Chris explains the difference between hard skills vs. soft skills.

[12:10] Life's too short to hate the work you're doing.

[12:20] What are some of the signs that someone is in the wrong job/career/thing?

[12:45] You don't need to know your life purpose at age 20. Most people don't even know that at age 30. 

[13:15] How do you know if you've found your dream job? Well, if you had to ask...

[14:50] How do you move closer to what your purpose is and make money?

[18:25] Chris dives a little bit into his background.

[19:45] We gain confidence through mistakes and trying different things.

[20:55] What's the most popular question Chris gets asked at these events?

[22:45] Chris dives a little deeper into what he means by 'side hustle'.

[24:20] What kind of legacy does Chris wish to leave behind?

[25:10] Do you think you're alone in this? Go to Chris's website.


Mentioned in This Episode:

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Born for This by Chris Guillebeau


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May 10, 2016

Sam Fankuchen is the founder of Golden, a company that makes it easy to volunteer as well as helps non-profits manage their volunteers. Golden now has an app you can download directly to your phone where you can work for a non-profit that is aligned with your mission and purpose. Sam says that 25% of Americans volunteer every year, but the impact could be much greater if there was an easier way to manage the gap between non-profits and volunteers. Find out more about Sam's story in today's episode. 


Key Takeaways:

[0:30] Connor and Roger welcome Sam on to the show, the founder of Golden.

[0:35] What is Golden? An app that helps to make volunteering effortless.

[2:10] Why is Golden so important? We all want to give back.

[2:50] What was a defining moment for Sam?

[5:10] Sam explains what Golden is.

[6:25] Why would a non-profit need this?

[6:45] Staffing is the most costly expense for a non-profit.

[8:05] There's only a few core things that help drive our happiness. Volunteering is in that list.

[9:15] Why did Sam want to help the volunteering space?

[10:55] Volunteering is surprisingly complicated.

[12:30] 24-25% of Americans volunteer every year.

[13:25] There are tremendous benefits to volunteering.

[15:00] How can someone volunteer most effectively?

[18:00] What do volunteer coordinators need to do to make sure their volunteers feel valued?

[21:40] What's one piece of advice Sam would give to companies who want to be more active in the community?

[24:45] What does Sam see in the future for non-profits and charities?

[25:50] Sam shares a case study.

[29:00] Where does Sam see Golden being in the next five years and how can people help?

[32:00] What kind of legacy would Sam like to leave behind?


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May 1, 2016

Greg McKeown is the author of Essentialism and the CEO of THIS Inc., a leadership and strategy design agency located in Silicon Valley. Greg tells the audience that if you want to break through to the next level and contribute more to your life, you must go big on fewer things. If you say yes to everything, you will simply stretch yourself too thin and exhaust yourself. 


Key Takeaways:

[2:55] Don't forget ManTalks is hosting another event!

[4:25] What was Greg's defining moment?

[7:00] Our failures lead to some of our biggest lessons.

[8:10] The only time we really learn is when we have expectation failure.

[9:05] True wealth is the ability to be present at any given moment.

[9:20] Don't let a defining moment in your life pass you by.

[10:00] Are you just too busy living to think about life?

[10:30] Greg believes there's only two kinds of people in this world the people who are lost and the people who know they're lost.

[10:50] To be in the second category requires humility, self-awareness, and courage.

[11:45] Don't run on auto pilot.

[17:15] The first part of the book goes into the mindset of an essentialist.

[20:15] How can we accomplish more things that are important to us?

[21:05] An essentialist explores their options.

[21:55] An essentialist is very aware they have the ability to choose.

[26:45] Who really spends years working on a single masterpiece project?

[31:15] Our society is very achievement-based and we've been rewired to accomplish it all.

[32:00] What's possible when you start practicing the principles of essentialism?

[34:05] If you say yes to everything, you cannot contribute to your highest ability.

[34:25] If you try to do it all, you'll just do it averagely well.

[35:45] When given the choice, people will choose fewer things done better.

[38:50] What legacy would Greg like to leave behind in the world?


Mentioned in This Episode:

Essentialism by Greg McKeown


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